Group 2 Opening Sequence: Mute

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Closing Post

This blog is now closed.

We really enjoyed this project, and hope our finished opening sequence reflects all the hard work that we've put in to it!

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Paperwork Evidence

Please click to enlarge any of the scans.

Here is a sample page from our shot log. The capture list was combined with the shot log to save time as we were able to just tick the shots off once we had captured them

Here is our production schedule.

Here is a sample page from our shot list. At our shooting sessions we ticked the shots once we had filmed them to stay organised.

Here is a sample page from our edit suite schedule. It allowed us to communicate with our teachers as they could always see when we would be editing.

Monday, 4 April 2011

To Do List

  • Scan in shot list and shot log samples
  • Equipment release and shooting arrangement forms?
  • Upload cut scene to youtube and blog about it
  • Upload test shoot in music block
  • Pie chart
  • Make original idea posts clear that they are no longer relevant

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Audience Feedback: Charts

We produced a bar chart of the ratings we recieved from our questionnaire for our opening sequence, and displayed them via gender.
From the bar chart we can see that everyone gave us a rating of 6-10, with the majority of females giving us a 7, and the majority of males giving us a 8. So from this, we can see that our aim to target both genders was accomplished.

This shows us that we got our target audience of teenagers right, as everyone surveyed in our questionnaire was between 16-18, and the majority gave us a very high rating.

From these two pie charts, we can see that the majority of males and females would both want to watch the rest of our film if it were to be released in cinemas, again showing us that we got our target audience right. However, it seems as though our film and opening sequence was slightly targeted more at girls, with less females answering 'no, they wouldn't watch the film' than the boys.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Audience Feedback: Questionnaires

After showing a screening of our film opening at school, we asked all of the audience to fill in our questionnaire, so we could get an idea of what went well, and what needs improving.
We used pupils aged 15-17 so they were part of our target audience.

Here are a few of the questionnaires we recieved:

Mute - Filled In Questionnaires

On the whole, we were incredibly happy with our feedback, as everyone gave us a rating of 6-10, with the majority giving us an 8.

Our Preview Screening

We decided to film our preview screening at school to try and capture some of our friends' reactions.

Here is the video we created:

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Getting our audience to watch our opening sequence

To attract our audience to come and watch our opening sequence at our preview screening, we stuck a few posters up around the school (especially in areas where we knew our target audience would go on a daily basis).

We also created an event on Facebook, a social networking site a large percentage of our target audience uses.


Also, after our preview screening, we sent a message to everyone giving them a YouTube link to our opening sequence, so all of the people who could not attend the screening could watch it, and so that they could show friends and family, preferably ones who fit in our core audience.